The company APH started in 1899.  The name is short for Anders Perssons Handelsträdgard.  Anders, the great-grandfather of the present owners, set-up the company together with his wife Johanna.  Initially they started to grow fruit and vegetables, but soon after they did this, they also started the production of flowering potplants, such as begonia’s, petunia’s, cyclames and geraniums.   Eventually this became a very important part of their business.

Leading importer:

They slowly changed their core business from Producer to  Importer.
The daughter of Anders and Johanna (Olga) showed already a lot of interest in the business from when she was a little girl.  She married Bertil Muhr in 1926 and gradually took over the management of APH.  They became the proud parents of Carl-Anders, Britt-Marie and Gun-Britt.

During the year 1950:

During the year of 1950 important decisions were made.  The business was doing so well that Carl-Anders was persuaded to quit his study and join the company.  He proved to be a real bonus, being very innovative in creating new business.  He developed a new way of producing flowers and modernised the production in general.  It took only a few years for APH to grow into one of Sweden’s  greatest producer of carnations and tulips. The turnover of flowers was growing continuously.  Therefore Carl-Anders started to import flowers from Holland and Italy to make up for the shortage in demand at periods when the Swedish production failed to produce enough.

During the oil-crisis in the 70-‘s, it became a problem to keep up the florishing flower production in Sweden and therefore importing flowers became increasingly more important.  When the Swedish production came to an halt,  Carl-Anders started APH in Sweden (1976) Holland and Italy, together with his three sons Johan, Christian and Frederik.  His sons were strategically put in place near the main European markets and flower productions areas.   

Expanding the business:

In 1976 the new company APH Svenska AB was started as a trading company for just import and distribution of cut flowers and little else.  In 1978 APH Svenska AB moved into the main building of the flower-auction in Oxie, just outside Malmo.  They moved into an office and kept on a warehouse to help to expand their florishing business.  Some years later Anders Fritz and Peter Olssen joined the company and untill this day, they are continuing to be a valuable asset to the company.

 Leading role in importing fresh flowers:

APH Svenska AB became thè leading company in Sweden with regards to the import of cutflowers.  Their customers are a wide range of wholesales, supermarkets and florists.  The corporation of established wholesalers in Malmo, Vasteras and Gävle made sure that these customers were able to follow the trend and order their products on a individual basis or via a wholesaler

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