A network of experienced buyers provides us with a permanent flow of offers and information from the Dutch, world leading flower auctions.

Your demands help us further in the task of purchasing the flowers you need, the right quality, to the right price, at the right time.

Skilled and experienced staff give the extra touch, before your order is ready to leave.

Is your cup of tea among the following options?

Bouquets: Anything from “ready-for-sale” Uniflor/Monobundles, to handmade luxury bouquets. We´d go as far as saying this is our specialty.
Bulk: A lot of flowers for a reasonably small amount of money. You make it easy for us, we make it cheap for you.
Bargains: When the price is lower than yesterday´s statements and tomorrow´s predictions. We give you the information “live”. All you have to do is pull the trigger.
Routine: Your normal assortment, a little of each with a lot of care.
Special orders: 20 red roses of a particular variety is sometimes as important as a whole truck full of flowers. We understand that.

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